TNPDS – Smart Ration Card

TNPDS smart ration card – we are now going to share on how to apply for smart ration card, and rest of the information about the TNPDS.

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Apply For Smart Ration Card – TNPDS

How to apply for smart ration card, and what are the documents that are required to apply for smart ration card? Apply smart card is quite easy all you need to follow our guide here.

At first you need to visit the official website : The link of the official website is as follows:


Link here –

Once you visited the official website, you need to fill the online application form. Do check out our image below on where to find the online application form.

Here is the Image – Once you checked into that link. A new online application form will be available on the screen. We do shared the screenshot of that image also.

All you need to do now is to fill that online application form:

The online application form has the following blank spaces to fill it here:

As per their rules first of all you need to fill out the details of head of the person in Home.

Then after followed by adding the rest of family member details. Here we cover the complete information on how to add family member details in smart ration card.

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This are the details that you need to fill it first followed by family members:

  • Name of Family Head
  • Father’s/Husbands Name
  • Address Line -1
  • Address Line – 2
  • Address Line -3

The next step is to choose the following details:

  • Choose District
  • Taluk
  • Village Name
  • Pincode
  • Mobile Number ( Mandatory )
  • Land Line – If you do have any

E-Mail Address – Not mandatory, but if you do have – then do enter here.

Once you fill out those details, the next step is to enter the family member details.

Step – 2 :

At step -2, you need to enter the following details of information as like  –

  • Family Member details.
  • Make sure all name should spell’em correct.
  • Mention their current age, Male or female.

Step – 3

At step 3 you need to know enter the details of your address proof, card option, upload address proof or residence proof as per on their official website.

Card Option:

You need to choose any one of the option from the list of Card Options:

Here are the list as per on their official website:

  • No Commodity Card
  • Rice Card
  • Sugar Card
  • Others

Proof Of Residence:

On TNPDS Official website – the list of proof of documents has been listed on their official website – You can check out here to find the list of Documents:

  • Aadhar Card
  • Electricty Bill
  • Front page of passbook
  • Gas cosumer card
  • Property tax in case of own house
  • Passport
  • Rent Agrement for rentals
  • slum clearnce board allotment order
  • Telephone Bill
  • Voter Identity Card

You have an option to choose any one of the document as listed above.

Step – 4

Upload the scanned copy document there by it self.

Require: Either color xerox or black and white.

Details of Gas Connection:

If you have any details of your gas connection, then you can submit the details here by itself. The following are the details, as per on TNPDS:

  • Name of that person in whose name the Gas connection is registered.
  • Oil Company
  • LPG Consumer Number
  • Name of the Gas Agency Company
  • Total Number of Cylinders

please do submit all the required details which were asked on that TNPDS. Once you done with filling of application, make sure to upload the Head of the person photo.

Make sure the photo that you were uploaded should not exceed more than 10kb. You can use any online reduce image services to decrease the image size or else capture the new image via webcam if your system do have any.

Now, click on submit the application form online it self. Once you submitted the application form. You can now track the status of the smart card application.

Get TNPDS Smart Card – By Replacing the Old Card

How to get the new smart ration card, in case if you do have old ration card? With the help of the OLD card enrollment number you can get the new ration card online.

The process is quite simple. All you suppose to do is enter the old enrollment number while filling the application form.

Here are the details to fill the old application form number online.

As shown on Image you will get an idea on where to fill the old enrollment number right after the new application number.

Enter the ration card details as per on the website.

  • Upload the ration card proof document.
  • Enter FPS code
  • Submit the application now. That’s it

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Track Smart Card Application Status

Once you were done with registration process, now all you need is to track the smart ration card status online. Here we cover the step by step guide on how to track the smart ration card status online via TNPDS website.

Tracking the status is quite easy, all you need to visit the official link here.

The official link here it is:

Just visit the above link and enter the reference number.

Reference number will be sent over to your registered Email Id while enrolling for the new TNPDS online.

Just enter that reference number to track the status.

That’s it.

Contact TNPDS Help-desk support team:

If you have any doubts related to TNPDS smart ration card. Then you can contact here:

Help line number:

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TNPDS Login:

How to log in to tnpds login website, And, what are the benefits of tnpds login to the TNPDS login website. Here we share a complete guide on this topic so that you will get an idea about.

  • Basically, you have three options to register your account and mobile number.
  • At TNPDS website or any ration card shop.
  • Registered through the TNPDS mobile application.
  • Registered through the any nearby ration card fair shop.

Make sure your mobile number also need to be register. If your mobile number is not registered, then you can’t make tnpds login to your account as per their official website terms.

  • If your mobile number is already registered – Then you can tnpds login now.
  • This are the list of benefits for having a account on TNPDS official website.

If you do have any doubts related to TNPDS smart ration card. Then do leave a comment here at the end of the post. We do help you out related to any query asap.