Add New Member Name In Ration Card – Online

Adding a name to ration card is mandatory as it requires all family member details in it. So, here we share a complete article on how to add your daughter/son or wife/husband name to your ration card pink/white ration card here.

As we all know that, Ration card is an important legal proof document issued to people of India by the Government. The important roles of the Ration are to enable an access to essential commodities such as food grains, Rice, Wheat and kerosene to disadvantaged citizens in India.

Most of the state governments do have an official website for rashan card like EPDSAP Ration card, or Telangana ration card online. Just like those, the process of adding a new member name may vary state to state.

It is also used as a proof document as it is fully legalized and recognized document and can be submitted to the residential address in case of need.

Add Member in Ration card – Offline

Adding a member name has two processes mainly either through online/offline. There are two cases in which there will be a need to add the name and details of the new family member in the rashan.

  • The first case in which when new members are born or been adopted.
  • When a new member in entered into the household through marriage.

In both cases, it should be ensured that the new member’s name should be first deleted from the existing household list details if any and then the deletion certificate is secured for further processes.

Upon adding or updating the number of family members in the household list, the rashan will be raised according to the new family members added. But in addition of family member to the rashan card should be done by following certain rules which are simple steps that are written by the government

a) Adding name of New Born Baby i.e, son/daughter

The following steps are to be followed to add the name of the newborn baby to the list of household members.

  • Visit the near Ration card office and collect the Application form allocated to the addition of member.

add name in ration card

  • Fill in all the details very carefully in the application form along with the name of the Newborn baby i.e, son/daughter, the reason of addition and also relationship should be specified as applicable.

add new member name in ration card

  • Required proof documents are to be attached along with application form to the Ration card department.

The required documents include of Parents ID proof, Original ration card and Xerox copies of the Birth certificate of Applicant child.

After submitting the documents to department and receipt number is given to us to track the ration card.

b) Adding Name Of Bride/wife/Daughter-in-law

The addition of the name of wife/daughter-in-law or adding husband name will be same as the process in the above case. But the documents and some steps will be indifferent to above process.

  • Go to the nearest Food and civil supplies department in your area and collect the application form for member added to the household list.
  • Add and fill up the required details in the application form as per mentioned on it.
  • After that attach a required or relevant document to the application form as a proof required during validation process and submit it to the Food and Civil supplies department.

Here, the required documents for adding a new member to rashan card, the submission will vary with the previous case of member addition procedure.

Marriage certificate of the couple, the Original rashan of Husband/Head of the member and Name deletion certificate of bride issued from her parents’ rashan.

The above methods and procedures are considered as offline methods. But the government also online services for there purposes on the official website itself.

Online Method To Add Name To Ration Card

Here is the online method to add a new member name like son/daughter/ (or) husband/wife to ration card online.

  • Go to your respective State’s Government Food and Civil supplies department website.
  • Then go to Ration card and section and click on the “Name addition of new members” link which will be redirected to an application form.

Add Name In Ration Card

  • You have to fill the details in the application form with no mistakes along with the reason of addition of name.
  • After that, you have to upload the relevant documents in which the ration card copy and identity documents of New family member by scanning them or in any formats available.

upload necessary documents

  • Submit the application form along with the documents and print the receipt with a tracking number for the further use.

After the submission of all application forms and relevant documents,

The new ration card will be dispatched to your residence address within 2-3 weeks. Recently, most of the states in India are looking forward to Smart card which will be replacing the Ration cards.

It doesn’t matter if you are applied online or offline, after the submission of the specified documents and once they are verified, new ration card will be addressed and dispatched to you directly or will be reaching to your nearest ration shops.

This is the basic procedure for the addition of family member in every state when the applied either through online or offline for the addition of family members like son/daughter or wife/husband etc. The same procedure will be applied even to the smart cards which are issued in nowadays in place of rashan.

Addition of new family member in the household list will be an advantage to the household itself as essential commodities will be added to the previous amount of supply. The same similar procedure will be carried out to the Removal of a family member in case of death or deceased.

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