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How To Apply For Smart Ration Card – TNPDS

Apply for smart ration card in tamil nadu. Here we cover the step by step information on how to apply for smart ration card online in Tamil Nadu. The process of applying for smart ration card is quite easy.

Here we cover step by step information on how to apply. The process of smart ration card registration as been explained through step by step here.

At first you need to visit the official website here: Here is the official website link

Once, you visited the official website link, all you suppose to do is choose the ” Smart Card Application ” right next t sidebar. Below we do attached image also. So, that you will get an idea.

Once you click on that link – It will now automatically opened the new application page, where you need to fill out the following details online.

List of details that you need to fill up:

An application will be then opened, and you need to fill out the following details online as follows:

  • At first enter the head of the family person name.
  • Either father or husband’s name
  • Enter your address over here, enter the right address.
  • At next step choose your district
  • Followed by pincode
  • village name
  • Taluk

Mobile Number is mandatory

If you do have

  • Land line number
  • or
  • mobile number

Adding of family member Name:

Once, you filled out the head of the person details. Now, you need to enter your family member details there by it self.

For each member details that you entered, click on add member as shown on the screen.

Choose the card option:

Now, you an option to choose the best smart ration card as per your requirement.

Here are the list of options that are available from the TNPDS website online:

The options as do follows:

  • No commodity card
  • Rice Card
  • Sugar Card
  • Others

Select the proof of address: Here are the list of proof of residence, which were mentioned on the website as follows:

  • Aadhar card
  • Electricity Bill
  • Front Page Of Passbook
  • Gas consumer card
  • Property tax in case of own house
  • Passport
  • Rental agreement
  • Telephone Bill
  • Voter Id Card

Make sure to choose at least one document which was mentioned right over there in the website and upload that document.

Submit the details.

At last, note down the refrence number to track the status of the application. You can check out here on how to track smart ration card status online.

For more information about the smart ration card in Tamil nadu, do check out here.

once you were applied for smart ration card, then it’s time to track the status of the application. As we already covered the step by step process on how to track the status here.

In brief, in order to track down the status of the application. You need to visit the official link here. The official link is as follows:

Once you visited the official link. Just enter the reference number which you will received on the date of registration online.

Enter the number and click on track status. You will get to know the application status online.

Have you any doubts about on how to apply for smart ration card? Then do leave a comment here.

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