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National Food Security NFS – is an act established in 10th September 2013 in which the aim is to provide food and nutritional security to people by ensuring access to adequate quantity of quality food at very much affordable prices to people to live their life with dignity.

Officials also stated that the renewal of National Food Security cards helps them to prevent duplication of cards and to weed-out the fake cardholders of ration card. The word is that the officials are going to distribute the first set of cards to people by the December end.

The act provides coverage of 75% of rural population and 50% of the urban population receiving subsidized food grains through Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS). The act also had a special focus on Women and Children for National Food Security card.

The Pregnant women and lactating mothers during pregnancy and after the childbirth of six months, such women are entitled to receive the maternity benefits under the act which should not be less than Rs.6000/-.

Proof of Eligibility For National Food Security Card

The documents that are to be submitted for the proof of eligibility criteria for NFS are listed below,

Any category specific certificate such as Income certificate issued by the government, AAY Certificate, BPL Ration card ST/SC Certificate, Copy of allotment letter, Disability certificate etc.

  • Copy of Electoral Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) of all family members who are major in age.
  • Copy of Aadhar card of all family members wherever available.
  • Bank account details as prescribed.
  • Residence proof of applicant, if her/his residence is not same as the address mentioned in the Aadhar card. (In case of shelter-less persons, address proof is not required).
  • Existing Photocopy of Ration card if any is to be suspended to the officer.
  • A declaration in the prescribed format that the applicant doesn’t fall under the Exclusion criteria.

The applicant is required to submit the biometric data of all the family members who are adult members of that household within a time allotted, or the application or applicant is considered as ineligible for the NFS (National Food Security card ) until the biometrics are submitted.

How to Apply For NFS

A Public notice will be issued inviting people to apply for the inclusion of their households in the list of eligible households as to get subsidized foods and grains under the National Food and Security NFS Act, 2013.

The eldest female of the household is considered as the Head of Household(HoF). If there is no female in a household who is above 18 years of age then the adult male is considered as the Head of Household for NFS – National Food Security Card.

National Food Security Card

If the applicant is not having any proof of residence then the local officials will come to the residence of the applicant and interrogate other neighbours to certify him as the resident of the household as he mentioned in order to get National Food Security Card NFS.

  • The application is to submit by the applicants as in the prescribed format which is specified by the government.
  • The applications are to be submitted to Taluka office of Civil supplies department or at any local bodies of village level.

The applications received will be scrutinized and the data such as photographic and demographic details of applicant and other family members will be retrieved from the Aadhar Database or any other databases in order to reduce the effort and time of entering the data and capturing of photographs again.

  • This will help in removing fake Aadhar card holders and preventing the duplication of cards.

Field verification will be conducted necessary as to verify your address as by the proofs submitted for the proof of residence. After all of this, the Taluka officer will issue a list of eligible households and will publish it on his noticeboard in is office and also on an online website for seven days.

If any inclusion of household, complaints or any issues regarding the list can be filed a complaint which will be seen again by the Taluka officer and solves the issue and includes your household in the eligible criteria.

After disposing of the objections, Taluka officer sends the final list to the local bodies for comments or objections if any.

If no objections from the concerned parties arise, then he publishes the final list in 15 days thereafter.

Process To Implement NFSA

The eligible households will be given food grains at the government notified rates and allocation of the shops will be made accordingly. The Ration cards of present eligible households will be issued a new card named as Smart card in a phased manner.

Till the smart card is issued to the applicant the existing card is stamped and endorsed according to the act 2013. The head of household is the eldest female member of the family and she will be issued a new smart card titled as “Tamilnadu Food Security Card“.

The photographic details and Aadhar numbers of the Head of the Household will be fed into the EPIC databases and this will be used as a tool to avoid duplication.

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