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Remove/delete name in Ration card online – The process of deleting your name is quite easy. As most of the woman who are just married to do this process. As their surname will change to new one.

The benefits are ration card varies from family to family as it is based on the Income of the family. It allows economically disadvantaged people to afford at least minimum essentials needed for the household needs. It very unlike the other legal documents issued by Government as it is issued in the name of Head of the Family.

To avoid false practices and to ensure that the Public Distribution System is running effectively and be able to provide services to all economically backward Indian citizens. That’s why it is essential that to keep the number, name, and details of the family are kept up to date.

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The above sentence means that the details and list of the members should be added when the household grows and deleted/removed when a member leaves a family household due to any cause. Along with all these, it is essential to ensure that an individual should not be listed on more than one card.

Deletion Of Name In Ration Card

In general, there will be two cases in which members have to Delete/Remove the name from the household list of the Ration card. Those two cases are explained in below:

  • When a family member decease due to any reason and
  • When a family member leaves the household in case of Marriage, Divorce or Estrangement, or when a young family member leaves the family in case of work or to establish his family elsewhere.

In either of the above cases, the name of the family member is to be Deleted/Removed from the Existing Ration card. But in the second case, the deletion certificate is received if the individual desires to procure a new ration card or to join the Ration card of another Household.

The procedure to Delete/Remove name from the ration card is shared below. Just follow the steps to get done with the procedure. This Remove of Name process can be done either by Online or Offline.

Online Procedure To Remove Name

The beneficiary must log in to the with the existing account credentials if any. If the applicant is a new user then he must create a new account on the homepage itself of the Respective State’s Ration card services official site.

delete name in ration card

After getting registered into the account the candidate must select the “Ration card Name Deletion” from the list of services provided on the website. Then you will come up with a deletion form here.

  • Fill in all the details with proper information.
  • Select the reason for Name deletion of a family member which consists of either Death or Marriage of Member.
  • Submit/Upload requisite documents such as Death certificate or Marriage certificate.

After filling in all the details and uploading relevant documents, check the application for any mistakes and print out the receipt with the acknowledgment number. The acknowledgment number is used to track the status of Deletion application.

Offline Procedure

The offline procedure of the Deletion of Name is similar to the Online procedure except for forms which are to be filled offline. This method is the best so far as you can get all the instructions from any ration card shop dealer.

Visit any nearest Ration card office or any Food Supplies department and take the Deletion form.

  • Fill in all details such as Name, Reason, Date of birth and Relation with Head of the family.
  • Then it is followed by the Informant details.
  • Attach the softcopies of proof documents such as Death Certificate or Marriage Certificate.

The documents are further verified by the Officials and then approve the Ration card or deletion certificate(In case of Marriage). After filling in all the details, submit the application form along with related documents in the nearest MeeSeva office or in any Ration card supplier shop.

remove name

Once the procedure is done then you will be given a receipt with a tracking number which is further used to track the status of the Application. In some of the offices or any shops, the dealers will ask you to get an Affidavit from the Gazetted officer (Not mandatory) for the reason you are deleting or removing the name from the ration card.

documents to delete name in ration card

  • Every candidate should delete the name from the website or MeeSeva offices in their respective state.
  • It is not allowed for an applicant to do the above process in other states which are not his home state.
  • After all this process the applicant will receive a new Ration card within 15-20 working days.

The new Ration card can either be collected from your ration card dealer shop or from any MeeSeva Office. The applicant should not forget to collect the deletion certificate(in case of Marriage) which will enable to apply for a new Ration Card.

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