Telangana Ration Card – EPDS TS ( Download, List, Status )

EPDS TS Telangana ration card download and also search the status of your TS EPDS Telangana ration card online here. You can get the duplicate one also, by just entering the Telangana ration card number, search your name in the list of update 2018.

Telangana Ration card is an essential legal document which can gain access to several benefits provided by the government. For people with low personal income can gain an advantage of subsidized food products from the government if he is a Ration card holder under EPDS Telangana government.

The State government provides essential commodities like wheat, petrol, rice, and kerosene. These Ration cards are issued by the Food and Civil supplies department. It is also carried as an identity proof for all family members in which the Modification of details of a member by the methods discussed below.

The government also accepts it as a legal document which can be shown as proof in the government machinery.

According to EPDS TS, the ration card in Telangana state is categorized into three types namely,

  • Above poverty line (APL) card is issued for those people whose annual income is more than Rs.10,000/-.
  • Below poverty line (BPL) card is issued for those people whose annual income is below than Rs.10,000/-.
  • Antyodaya card (AYY) card is issued for those people who don’t have any stable income.

EPDS Telangana – Download Ration Card Online

EPDS Telangana State has provided a way to download your TS Ration card Download online. Go through the following steps to download your TS ration card online.

Telangana Ration card

  • Then in home page click on the “TS FSC Search” to redirect you to page where you find textbox columns.
  • Select your respective District from the section.

TS ration card download


  • Then select which type of Document including FSC Reference number, Ration Card number or even Old Ration card number if you have any.
  • Then click “search”.
  • Then your ration card will appear in the below.
  • By clicking on “CTRL+P” in your keyboard you will be able to download the Ration card.

If you don’t have any internet connectivity you can download the Ration card in the nearest e-seva office by giving the details of your Ration card(if you have any) or by using reference number.

Get New TS Ration Offline

Procedures to apply for EPDS Telangana (TS) ration card are explained below:

  • Visit the nearest MeeSeva centre and take the application form to apply for the ration card.
  • Fill out the form with proper details required on the application form.
  • It is necessary that not to fill the blanks with inappropriate details because the application can get rejected in that case.
  • Attach all the relevant documents to the application form which includes of Residence proof, Identity Proof, Number of family members etc.
  • Then attach proper photographs to the application and submit the application with the prescribed fee.

How to Apply Online

Reducing the time of processing, EPDS TS has introduced online procedure to apply for the EPDS Telangana Ration Card. Follow these below steps to get apply for the ration card through online portals.

  • Visit the official website of the MeeSeva government website.
  • Official website link:
  • Then look for the Civil Supplies Department section where you will be able to get the TS ration card application form for ration card.
  • Download the application form from here: Link to download the form.
  • Attach a proper photograph and relevant documents for further validation purposes.
  • Submit the application form and required documents by uploading them into portal itself.

After the whole process, you will receive a number which will be further used to track the ration card status.

EPDS TS Telangana – Corrections Online

Telangana ration card online corrections – Here you can make all the required modifications on ration card just like address, name, deletion of a name, addition of name in 2018 via online.

Here we will provide you with all details about how to add Details such as new family member name and details to the list of Household in TS Ration card. Just follow the below steps to get there.

  • Visit the official EPDS TS Telangana Ration state’s MeeSeva website and download the application stating as “Corrections in Food security Card“.
  • Download the application form and fill the details.

correction form online

From here onwards, you have to look for the Ration card corrections you want to do to your EPDS Telangana ration. The corrections and modifications that are listed below.

  1. Address Change
  2. Member Details Modifications
  3. Member Addition

From the above options choose what you modify then check the box:

  • Then fill up the application.
  • Fill in the FSC information as per existing records such as mobile number, Home Address, Locality, Social status, and Religion.

For Address Change In Telangana Ration:

  • To change the Address on your Food security card you have to go the column saying “For Address Change” in the form.
  • Fill in the details like Gas Connection status, Gas Company name, Gas Agency name, Mandal to be changed and F.P. Shop number.
  • Then the address details in your Gas connection voucher will be added to your home address on your ration card.

ration card correction ts

  • After the whole process, attach the relevant documents such as Gas connection voucher to the application form which will be ready to be submitted.

For TS Member Details Modifications:

To modify the details of your members such as Age, Gender and Relation with head follow the below steps:

  • The same form we discussed above is used as the form to modify details of members in the household.
  • You will find a column saying “For member details modifications” under which you will find a table with all the details you are needed to modify.

telangana ration card

  • Fill proper details in the corrections form and attach required documents to the form which will be ready to be submitted.

For Member Addition

The same steps we followed will be taken again to add the details of new member fo Household.

  • Find the column in the Corrections form saying “For Member addition” and start filling the details.
  • Fill all the details including Aadhar Number, Member Name, Age, Gender and his/her relation to the member head of the family.
  • After filling in the details you will be requested to attach some proof documents of the new member for verification purposes.
List of Proof Documents

The Documents that need to be attached to the TS Ration card Corrections form as Documents for proof are been listed below for each purpose.

  • Application Form of Ration card Online
  • Proof of address change/card transfer – ( for address change modification)
  • Proof for member modification – ( for member details modification)
  • Proof for card type change – ( for card Type change modification)
  • Proof for Member addition – ( for Member addition modification)

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