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TNEPDS Everything you need to know about tnepds – public distribution system. Please do subscribe to our blog in case if you won’t. TNEPDS represent as a public distribution system. where you will get to know the complete information about the process of filling the ration card, applying the ration card in Tamilnadu.

We do also cover the information about the smart ration card right over here. So, that you will get it understand on how to apply for smart ration card online in Tamil nadu 2017.

Topics that we are covered right over here about tnepds online:

TNEPDS – Tamil Nadu Ration Card

Mission as on official website – The goal of the public distribution system is to ensure food security to all over the citzens in tamil nadu through food fair price shops in Tamil nadu. TNEPDS has to ensure the good quality of food in different ways like through rice, sugar.

List of the Objectives of TNEPDS:

  • Here we go list of objectives:
  • Through tnepds we can eliminate the starvation in TN and elimination of chronic hunger.
  • Protecting the citizens ill effects of rise in price in essential commodities.

Agencies involved in PDS:

  • Civil supplies and consumer protection department
  • Tamil nadu civil supplies corporation
  • Registry of cooperative socites
  • Civil supplies CID
  • Ministry of food and consumer affairs, and public distribution system
  • Food corporation of India

TNEPDS – Organizational Structure:

The following chart represents as a TNEPDS organizational structure, The state office is located in Ezhilagam, Chepauk in chennai. As of now there are currently, 33 district offices,  2 offices in chennai, headed by the deputy commissioner. Each district offices has a taluk supply offices, in each around 269 offices currently.

Here is the chat about the organizational structure:


About PDS reports from tnepds:

From the list of TNEPDS official website we are gathered the information about the PDS reports. As per current official data, there you goes:

  • Total Number of Districts: 32
  • Total Taluks – 286
  • Total Fair price shops – 34774
  • Total family cards issue so far – 19654468
  • Total beneficers – 67658480
  • Total Aadhar linked – 60961919
  • Total mobile number linked or registered – 18633068

The above data is as per on July 2017. We too update this data whenever we came across the information about this.

You can access the complete data from the official website right over here. For more information just leave a comment here or contact us here. We do help you out.

List of type of card and list of commodities that are covered that specific card types here –

  • Green Cards ( Rice option cards ) – Including AAY cards   —All commodities
  • White cards ( Sugar option cards ) —-  All commodities except rice
  • Khaki cards – ( Police and prison cards ) —- All commodites
  • Blue cards ( Forest official cards ) — All commodities
  • No commodity card – white color

The above are the list of different types of cards which are offered by the tnepds online.

Apply For Smart TNEPDS Ration Card

The following guide will guide through on how to apply for smart ration card online in Tamil nadu. The procedure is quite simple process. Through official TNEPDS, you will get to know the complete step by step information right over here.

  • At first step all you need to visit the official link here – Here is the link
  • Then after you need to enter click on ” Apply for smart ration card “
  • The next step is to enter the details which were shown on the screen:

tnepds online

Here are the list of important details that you need to fill the application form online:

  • Name of the head of the person in family
  • Followed by fathers or husband’s name
  • Address
  • Choose the district
  • pincode
  • Taluk
  • Village
  • Pincode
  • Mobile number – mandatory
  • Email Id – Optional

At step – 2

Now, you are now allowed to enter the family member details. Once you done click on submit.

Then after choose the card option :

Proof of document – That you want to submit.

Upload the proof of document.

If you have an gas connection – then please do enter those Gas connection details which were asked on their tnepds official website online.

Now, Submit the application form online.

Once you have submitted the application form online. Make sure to note down the acknowledgement or reference number to track down the application status from tnepds official website online.

That’s it. If you want more information on this topic please do visit the homepage, where we covered most of the details and information on this.

Track Your Smart Ration Card Status

Once, you fill out the application form and note down the reference number. Now, you were allowed to track the status of the smart ration card application status here.

The process of tracking the smart ration card is quite simple: All you need to enter the reference number on the following link :

Here is the official link : Track smart ration card status

  • Now, just enter the reference number right after in that search box.

If you have any doubts just contact the official number right over here:

This is the official contact number:



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