TNPDS App – Download Android Application Online

TNPDS App download from the official website of TNPDS. The TNPDS launched a official android application where users can able to login to their account and find how much quantity of food was left in the last month or present month with pricing included.

As of now the application is available only on android mobile phone only, for the IOS users, the application is not yet launched. Wondering does IOS users really need to have a ration card. May be not!

Download the android Application from here

Once you download the application you need to enter your mobile number to login to your account. If your account is not yet registered, then please do check out the below guide how to register your account online.

TNPDS Android Application – How To Access

If you do already have an account, then in this case you can login to your account through one time password which has been sent in to your mobile number ( the number must be officially registered with the TNPDS website ).

This is the how the webpage will look alike once you have been logged into the TNPDS app:

tnpds app

With out OTP, you just can’t login to your account. So, make sure you already have an account. You can even create a new account through the official TNPDS app online.

Through the TNPDS app – you can find the following information as follows:

tnpds app

If you don’t have an account. Then just follow our guide here so that you will get an idea.

How To Login To TNPDS App

Note : The following procedure is only for the people who don’t have an ration card. If you already have an ration card then in this case you supposed to visit the nearest fair price shop or official ration card office to create your account.

Here is the procedure:

  • At first, you need to visit the official website link here:
  • Once, you visited the website at right side corner, you will see as ” Smart Ration Card Application “.
  • Just check into smart ration card application form. There by you will supposed to fill out the application form as shown below.

The tnpds has been divided the application registration forms into two sectors as:

  • New Smart Card Application
  • Old Card Enrollment

New Smart Card Application: This is for those people who still don’t have an ration card.

Old Card Enrollment: This is for those people who want to apply for smart card & mobile linking to their card.

As per your requirement, you can opt either of one.

Application form details that you need to fill out as follows:

  • First enter the head of the family person name
  • Fathers or husbands name
  • Address details

Select your location:

Now, you need to select your location as follows:

  • District
  • Taluk
  • Village
  • Pincode
  • Mobile number ( Mandatory )
  • Email Address If you do have.

Add the family member details:

Now, you need to add the family member details. Add your member details by one by one.

Choose the type of ration card that you want it for:

The tnpds website has listed four types of cards which has been listed here.

  • No commodity
  • Rice Card
  • Sugar Card
  • Others

Select proof of residence:

Now select the proof of address ( Choose only one )

  • Aadhar card
  • Electricity Bill
  • Voter Identity card
  • Gas consumer card

Upload the scanned copy of any proof of address and submit the application.

Once you submitted the application form. You need to note down the reference number to track the status of the application online.

Now, download the tnpds android application to get up to date with Ration card information.


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